19 year old girl allegedly commits suicide in Lucknow’s Vikasnagar

A 19 year old girl allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of her house in Lucknow’s Vikasnagar area on Monday. The girl, who is a daughter of a labourer, was pursuing her Bachelor of Arts studies from a college in Nishatganj area. The exact reason which made her take this extreme step could still not be ascertained as the police did not find any suicide note inside her house, which is located in Vikasnagar’s Behta village.
The girl whose name is Kumari Mona, daughter of Ram Chander, on Monday hanged herself to a pipe mounted on the ceiling of her house with the help of a dupatta. At the time of the incident, the victim was all alone in the house and all her family members had left for their respective jobs early Monday.
The girl’s body hanging to the ceiling of her house was first discovered by her mother when the latter returned from work Monday afternoon. Mona’s mother started crying and screaming after she saw her daughter in such a condition.
On hearing the loud screams coming from Ram Chander’s house, his neighbours also rushed there for help. After receiving the information about suicide of the 19 year old girl, Vikasnagar police also arrived at the scene and thoroughly inspected the room and the house. The girl’s body was pulled down and was later sent for a post mortem. No suicide note was recovered from Mona’s house, police officials said, while adding that they are still trying to figure out the reason which forced her to end her life.


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