23 year-old female student of Allahabad University hangs herself, reason unknown

A 23 year old girl, pursuing her post-graduation from Allahabad University (AU), ended her life by hanging herself to the ceiling of her house early Friday in Lucknow’s Sarojinanagar area. Family members of the deceased found her body hanging inside her room, which was locked from inside.

They requested the police to not send the dead body for post-mortem so it was handed to them after a ‘panchayatnama’ being done. Exact cause of the suicide could still not be ascertained.

On the tragic morning of Friday, Carpenter Vijay Bahadur, who lives with his family in Sarojininagar’s Gauri village, found the room of his 23 year-old daughter Anjali Sharma, who was pursuing Masters of Commerce from AU, locked from inside.

After knocking the door repeatedly, Anjali did not open it. The girl’s father and other family members got worried and peeped inside the room from a window and found her hanging from a hook on the ceiling with the help of a dupatta.

The door was broken immediately and Anjali’s body was pulled down. Local police was informed about the mishap at Vijay’s house by one of his family member. The police team arrived in no time and thoroughly inspected the room and the house, but could not find a suicide note to ascertain that Anjali killed herself.

The family members refused to send the girl’s body for post mortem and so the police returned it after filing a ‘panchayatnama’ in the case.

At the time of the incident, Anjali’s mother was not in Lucknow. She had gone to Allahabad with one of her son, who is younger than Anjali, for the latter’s examination. Other than Anjali, Vijay also has two younger sons.

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