24 year old shot dead by Police in Houston

A 24 year old man has been shot dead in Houston for pointing the gun at two police officers, the incident just happened a day after five officers were killed and seven others injured by snipers during a protest rally against the fatal shootings of black men in the US city of Dallas.
The pair of cops were on patrol yesterday when they saw a man standing on the street, waving a gun in the air. When the cops asked the man to put the weapon down, he aimed it at them – and the two officers opened fire.
The police have not identified the man and the officers involved in the shooting. One of the officers involved is a 10-year veteran of the Houston police department.The other is a 13-year veteran. Both officers are under investigation.The shooting comes a day after five Dallas police officers were shot and killed during a protest against the fatal police shootings of black men, in the deadliest attacks on law enforcers in America since 9/11

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