3 KG hair ball removed after surgery from woman’s stomach addicted to chewing her hair

The eccentric habit of a woman to chew her hair had led to 3 kg of hairball formation in her stomach. Doctors finally removed the hair ball following surgery from her stomach and intestines. She is a housewife who resides in a village at Panchkula near Chandigarh. She spent more than 2-decades in chewing hair.
She was admitted to a local government hospital last week with severe abdomen pain.
The 31-year- old woman wasn’t able to eat or even take a sip of water instantly vomiting any sort of intake. Surgeon Dr Hardeep Singh said: “We asked her if she had a habit of chewing her hair, which she denied initially.” But when we got her ultrasound done, it confirmed a huge mass in her stomach that demanded immediate attention, mirror.co.uk reported.
Dr Singh was shocked to see such a huge mass of hairball, it was around 40 cm long in diametre.
However, the surgery, which was carried out last year, was successful. She is now having proper meals without any problem and will be discharged from the hospital after three days once her stitches are removed, the website reported.