3 killed in police encounter

Three miscreants were killed in Muzaffar Nagar in a police encounter on Wednesday late night.
The police informed media persons that some miscreants were hiding in a house, where a family also resided at Begrajpur village of Mansoorpur. On receiving this information, the police surrounded the house, leading to firing on police by the miscreants. Due to sudden firing the family got alarmed and took shelter in a corner of the house. The police also reciprocated by firing back and this encounter lasted for five hours in which three accused were killed. Police rescued the family and also recovered two revolvers, two country made pistols and a mobile phone. The culprits who died in the encounter were identified as Deepak Rathi, Sachin and Gaurav. As per the police information, the miscreants were planning a big crime the clue of which was retrieved from their WhatsApp account. However the police is trying to trace out the people associated with the criminals through the accessed phone numbers.

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