Fire Dept pulls up socks to prevent repeat of 2015

With the advent of summers, incidents of fire in urban and rural areas increase considerably as compared to normal days. In the month of May 2015, fire incidents were reported at a huge 339 places. Even though loss of property worth Rs 50 lakhs was reported, Fire Department dosen’t want to take any chances this time. Leaves of all the fire department employees have been cancelled from March onwards.

A total of 8 fire stations are readying to combat any incident of fire. Though the total number of fire brigades available at these stations is only 24, two hydraulic platforms and an advance rescue tender is also there.

Chief fire officer, Lucknow, Abhaybhaan Pandey told TosNews that the department is all ready for the coming summers. Besides, the department has also decided to spread awareness about how to prevent oneself from fire in the state from February 15 to 29. Mock drill is being done in the urban and rural area of every district and awareness is spread through discussions with public. The CFO adds that summers are actually very challenging for the department. The cases of fire occur in fields and urban fire cases also increase. Since there is no fire station at Malihabad or nearby areas, from March 1 to 30th June, a fire brigade will be stationed at Malihabad police station.

Measures to prevent fire cases in urban areas:
*Get the damaged wires in houses and offices replaced. Use the right kind of fuse and do not plug in too many things on one plug.
*If you suspect gas leakage in gas cylinder, immediately take it outdoor.
*Always switch off the gas regulator before sleeping at night.
*Keep yourself informed about fire hydrants used to stop fire and sources of water near your home, shop and factory.
*Do keep a fire extinguishing machine at home, on your shop and factory and also get aquainted with its usage.
*Do not talk in anxious tone while informing about fire to the fire brigade.Inform about the fire incident location properly so that fire brigade can reach there without delay.
*Do not try to extinguish fire caused due to ghee, oil or petroleum with water.
*In case of fire caused due to electricity, if possible switch off the main switch.

Measures to combat fire in rural areas:
*Always keep ready a pile of mud and water pots near your fields.
*Do not sow your crops near electricity line and transformer.
*Stock hayrick and cow dung cakes at a 100 ft distance from your house.
*Extinguish fire of chulha logs and then keep it away from chulha, also coolen the ash before throwing it.
*The roof of kitchen should be of asbestos, if it is of hay then it should be coated with a layer of mud from inside.
*The village pond should always be filled with water during summers.
*Fields should be guarded against tractor sparks. Spark preventing machine should be moulded near the silencer of tractor. Do not put wet crop in thresher. Always place completely dried produce in threshing machine.
*Burst crackers away from fields.
*Make way for fire brigade to enter into the village.
*Do not chain the cattle with metallic chains.
*Post cutting of crops, dry grass, hay and hayrick all should be kept separately.
*Thick wood logs should be used in chulha. Do not use wood scraps, powder or paper for it.
*Do not burn hay when its blowing.