A failed coup in Turkey killed around 100 persons even as President Tayyip Erdogan after giving a call to the people to hit the streets returned to the country while cutting short his vacation early on Saturday morning.

Edogan later issued statement that the plotters would have to pay heavy price as around 200 army men surrendered before the Turkish police. In the night, when helicopters and fighter plane began to hover over the skies at Ankara, it looked that it was not a small coup.

They pro-coup plotters attacked Parliament at least thrice, took control of the strategic location and even forced an anchor to release a statement that said that Erdogan’s government was illegal and that the country would be run by a “peace council”. Thereafter, the news station went off the air.

However, telecast was restored only by break of dawn on Saturday.

A government statement quoted by several news portals confirmed that everything was under control.


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