4 men let 3 crocodiles loose in Australian school and…

4 men let three crocodiles loose in an Australian school and the police is now searching the young men who were captured on CCTV smashing through a glass door.
The suspects, whose heads were covered with scarves, then dumped the reptiles one by one in the main office.
In the footage, the men were seen ransacking the room, including throwing a computer screen on the floor, and about 30 seconds later ran off.
Parks and wildlife rangers were called to the scene to safely remove the female saltwater crocodiles, whose mouths were taped up.

Senior Constable David Gregory said: “The ranger that turned up was very concerned for them – they had their mouths taped up. “They haven’t seen water for a long time and are undernourished.” Saltwater crocodiles are a protected species and interfering with them is a criminal offence in Australia, punishable by fines of up to $77,000 (£45,000) or a jail term of up to five years.


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