I too wanted to bunk classes, but my parents…!

It has been a long time now, for no one else but for my sake I want to blurt it out.

My school life is over and I don’t care what people think when I confess I couldn’t enjoy it and I regret not doing it! I wanted to bunk my classes at times like my other friends, roam around with them (with girls also), do some leg pulling of my teachers but I couldn’t. My friends did all this as they were from liberal families but my family is conservative and my school was in the vicinity of my house.

My parents were mostly around and at the drop of hat the teachers would call them to complaint about me. I was always apprehensive. Once I bunked Hindi class and went to Science Centre with my friends but I was so scared that somebody known to me might see me. Actually there was a Sanskrit test and tell me who likes to learn all those mantras and rupas by heart?

I enjoyed the time and will always remember it. At the same time, I am very thankful to my parents that because of their vigil I did not get into any injurious habit of smoking or boozing, unlike my peers. Through my confession I just want parents to understand that let your children live a little by themselves also, have faith in them and show it to them also, they won’t do anything wrong. After all post school they have to live and lead life by themselves. My heart aches for the days gone by which will never come back in this life time!


Modern School, Aliganj pass out