How to get high produce of home grown vegetables in vase

If you are keen on kitchen gardening, get ready to grow your own vegetables this season. Land or no land no issues at all. Just get the earthen pots (vase) measuring 12-14 inches and start your horticulture at home. Gardening expert Ramjas tells us how to increase production and enjoy the hobby of maintaining a kitchen garden even if the space is only suitable to keep vase.

Instead of ready plants from the nursery get seeds of tomatoes, lauki (bottle gourd), baigan (brinjal), mirchi (green chilli), soyah (dill weed), methi (fenugreek), salad leaves, paalak(spinach), kaddu(pumpkin), bhindi (lady’s finger), cucumber or karela (bitter gourd).
Mix mud, compost and sand in equal ratio (sand content retains water) and place a piece of broken earthen pot to cover the hole of vase. The pots should be placed in proper sunlight.


  • Soak seeds in water especially in summers and spread it in the ready pot by evening. You can sow 5-6 seeds in a pot measuring 12-14 inches.
  • Do not water the pot that very day. Next day onwards water the plants properly and plough it every 15-20 day. Do not water the plant the day you plough it so that it can get absorb fresh air.
  • You will get your vegetables within 2 to 2.5 months from sowing the seeds. Meanwhile, if you see any kind of sickness in the Vaseplant, cure it with appropriate medicine. The symptoms of sickness includes:

 Yellowish leaves

 Rotten parts

 Ants moving on plants(surely they are getting something to eat which is actually some kind of sickness)

  • Always pluck vegetables before sprinkling medicines on them as most of the pesticides are poisonous
  • Though it is hard to get pure desi seeds as we get hybrid vegetables only now days. But regularly using the compost and organic manure can gradually diminish the chemical effect finally getting pure seeds from your own plants after 6-7 produce, using seed from the plant.
  • Always change the soil for the same produce, for example do not sow lady’s finger in the same soil again. Every produce absorbs certain nutrients from the soil so refill it with new soil.

These plants are not for aesthetic purpose, if taken care of properly you can get good yield from them. Citing example, Ramjas tell TosNews that one seed of bhindi can approximately 1 kg yield in a season.


Ramjas is a Principal Gardener and president of UP Class IV Government Employees Association at Horticulture and Food Processing Department.