7 bank staff and van driver of SBI die in accident

SBI 7 staff members and a van driver died when the van collided with a container while returning from inspection of bank preparations in Kanpur district. All persons inside the van died on the spot. According to the information received by Kanpur police, all 7 staff members were returning after checking the arrangements of cash done in different branches of SBI Kanpur. As per the reports near Bingawa village of Bidhun, the van collided with a container. While after the collision the van fell in a big hole dug near the highway, the container fell over the van. People nearby reported the matter to the police. After lots of difficulty the police was able to find a crane and it took the crane 2 hours to lift the container and bring out the persons. By the time the people were dragged out, they were dead. The police has sent the bodies for post mortem.

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