A girl who doesn’t want to remain anonymous

Dear Mumma & Papa,

I am your loving daughter but you treat me like your puppet. I am not perfect but I am not just a bad girl. I am in class 10th, my friends in school talk about several issues including sex and boyfriends and so do I. The more you ask me to study, the more I repel. I don’t want to but sexual thoughts keep hovering around my mind, I am not able to concentrate on studies or even sleep properly. I wanted to discuss it all with you both but all these topics are a taboo in our house, where every night I can hear moans and groans from my adjacent room. Until now I felt guilty about everything but when I met this aunty who told me that it is all very obvious and I need to harness my physical energy in some sports to keep my mind and body fresh, I feel much better. But you guys don’t let me do that either, I confess I hate you both for ruining my life and not being rational parents.

Yours sincerely


Kiss of a smile

It was a chilly January morning and I was breathing. It was
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