A little rebellion now and then is a good thing

Rebellion to tyrant is obedience to god. Can you guess what’s common between all the great nation of this world? Rebellion.
According to Thomas Jefferson “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing, it is as necessary to the political world as storm to the physical,it is a medicine for sound health of a good government”.
Generally violence is the thing which comes first into our mind when we listen to the word rebellion but on the contrary rebellion has nothing to do with violence its all about changing yourself and breaking the silence.
India didn’t achieve freedom through just one revolt,the masses have to get together and raise number of rebellions before we finally achieved freedom.
Let’s take a bird sitting on a tree,the bird is never afraid of branch-breaking because her faith is not on the ground but on herself .Similarly rebellion is also all about believing : believing in the power of truth,believing in yourself. The great astronomers Copernicus and Galileo believed in themselves and that’s why they got the power to rebel : to rebel against the old theories and come up with their new discoveries one of them which is  the sun does not revolves around the earth but the vice-versa.
These little rebellion had laid the foundation of great nations.
These little rebellions had brought huge revolutions .
These little rebellions have change the mindset of the masses .
All these little rebellions rising in all the four corners of the are necessary to revolve the world and make it a liveable place.
Anushka Verma 
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