A museum in Old Lucknow to tell about Nawabs & their era soon

Lucknow Development Authority has decided to build a grand museum with a budget of Rs 37 crore. The idea is to provide information pertaining to the history of the country and the Nawabs.

Tourists coming to the City of Nawabs Lucknow will soon be able to know about the Nawabs, their tenures and their achievements through the museum.The museum is coming up in Hussainabad area and will be fully air conditioned. The work for the same will commence from October 2016 by the LDA.

The museum will come up near Neebu Park transmission sub-station under the chief minister’s dream project “The Beautification of Old Lko”.

Littered with heaps of garbage and dirt until now, the government plans beautify Hussainabad area. Various government agencies such as LDA, Nagar Nigam, Forest Department, PWD etc have come together to work for the same.

The Indian and the foreign tourists coming to see the beauty of the world famous ,the grand Asifi Imambara, Bhool Bhullaiya and Chhota Imambara will also get a chance to get acquainted with the history of the country as well as of the Awadh.

The grand museum will be built at the same place where once Neebu Park transmission sub station was present.
Tourists coming to see Lucknow will get all the information about the Nawabs of Awadh through the museum. Apart from the information related to the Nawabs of Awadh, there would be information about various historical developments that took place in the country. All sorts of facts and information related to the great personalities of the country would be made available to the tourists in the museum.
Apart from information about the Nawabi culture, the museum will also have information about various monuments built by the Nawabs and the reasons behind those constructions.

As far as other works under beautification of Old Lucknow, process to lay cobalt stones from the Roomi Gate to the Satkhanda has begun.

The stones have been brought from Bangalore and it would be laid on the entire road. The tourists will be able to take a stroll on the road and would treasure watching these historic monuments.
The red and brown coloured stones would be used for the said purpose. The road is being elevated for the same and the work is already in progress.

The beautification of Old Lucknow began in 2014 on the directives of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to promote tourism in Old Lucknow.

A total budget of Rs 153 crore has been allocated for the programme. LDA engineer BT Maurya, who is associated with the project said that various government agencies including PWD, Lucknow Municipal Corporation and other departments are working on the project.

Beautification programme includes:

1- Widening of road from the Teelewali Masjid to Imambara

2- Construction of a platform just like in London to ensure comfortable strolling

3- A gallery for walks

4- Picture gallery and beautification of clock tower or Ghanta Ghar

5- Provision of a pathway and public utility in the clock tower park

6- The cleaning and development of Satkhanda Park

7- The development of Shahi Talaab and the Ghanta Ghar park

8- Construction of Sheesh Mahal gate

9- A community centre is being built in the Sheesh Mahal premises

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