A tender heart’s quest to travel through time

Many of us think that it is impossible to travel through time. But today in the era of science and technology nothing is impossible. Many scientists claim that when a large amount of negative energy is focused on atomic level it creates a hole called Wormhole.

Through Wormhole a person can travel in past, future and to the farthest corner of the Cosmos which are thousands of light years away.  Creating a Wormhole a plight, it’s not that easy as it sounds like. Well, if I will get the chance to travel through time I will be exhilarated. I will go to the roots of the major problems such as corruption, dacoit, homicide etc. and demolish them.  I will go to the medieval period and conquer the whole Asia. A new system of administration will be established.

Tube wells, canals and proper irrigation systems will be there for farmers. Water will be supplied from water surplus regions to water deficient regions.  Modern system of education will be promoted. Huge amount of compensation will be reserved for emergency situations. Schools and hospitals will be established in every two kilometres. After establishing prosperous empire I will travel to future.

Many scientists claim that our sun (a large nuclear reactor which releases the same amount of energy per second which the people of US consume in a year) will become a red giant star and swallow our earth.  So I would also like to see whether the theory is true or not. I will again travel in past and see how our universe, planets, stars, galaxies and other celestial bodies came to existence. I would also like to see whether the theory of ‘Evolution by natural selection’ which is mentioned in Charles Darwins ‘Origin of species’ takes place in reality or not.