Accused of Akhlaq murder case Ravin dies in jail as BJP to rake up the issue

Noida, Bishara, accused Ravin (24) of Akhlaq murder case died in Luxar jail late night on Tuesday. He was admitted to Noida District Hospital in a serious condition and was referred to Delhi Loknayak Hospital on Tuesday evening. Accusations are that Ravin did not die due to illness but because of physical assault by the jailor and some prisoners. The villagers claim that 4 days back Ravin,Bheem,Robin and one more accused were violently attacked by the Luxar jailor and other 4 prisoners. Resultantly, Ravin’s condition had become serious but he was not hospitalised at that time, later when his situation deteriorated he was taken to the the hospital.
The Bhartiya Janata Party is all set to rake up the Dadri lynching issue once again with controversial Thana Bhawan MLA and Muzaffarnagar riot accused Suresh Rana likely to reach Bisahra in a few hours from now.Sources within the BJP said that Rana has been directed by the party strategists to rush to Bisahra and take up the cause of the family members. Revealing the plan further sources told that BJP leadership suspects the death of Bisahra accused and is likely to take up the issue before the administration and demand an impartial probe into the death.

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