Aishwarya and Aradhya make modak!

Aishwarya along with daughter Aradhya went to the GSB Ganpati Pandal Mandal for darshan of Bappa on the occasion of Ganesh Festival. Aradhya, as reported is taking forward the Bachchan legacy of faith in traditions, she enjoys making modaks with mumma and her Nani at the age of 3. Aishwarya is making her learn Ganesh Aarti and rituals performed on different occasions.  In the pic we can see how fondly Aishwarya is telling her daughter to take prasad from the priest. Aishwarya has posted the pics of Ganpati Pandal darshan on FB, where we can see Aishwarya, Aaradhya, and Aishwarya’s father-mother, brother and nephew along with the crowd who gathered to get a glimpse of the mother-daughter duo. People didn’t miss the opportunity to capture the family pics in their cameras, even pujaris couldn’t resist to click Aishwarya with her daughter!

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