Akhilesh says police officers had to go in front of behenji after taking off their foot wear

Uttar Pradesh CM Akhilesh Yadav told police officers that unlike Mayawati, before whom the officers could only go after taking off their foot wears, he gives democratic atmosphere and many chances to them. While holding a meeting with top IPS-IAS officers on the Law & Order situation of the state on Wednesday he said, “If you desire to answer to your CM taking off your shoes-slippers and standing in front of him, its altogether different but if you don’t like that way then work according to me. You have neither ever had a CM like me nor you will have any in future.”
The CM while addressing the officers said, “When the police did not have to do its work properly, why did they wear the cops’ uniform? No other CM would give you so many chances, I am completely aware of the happenings around.”
This is the 4th such meeting of Akhilesh in 4 years, with crime rate of 7650 of daily average crime in U.P. The last meeting was held in September 2015 . With elections in the corner, CMs remark on Mayawati, the number of meetings on Law & Order in his tenure and the cognizable crime rate 112.1 in 2014 and 96.4 in 2012 (both years calculation on per 100,000 persons) is quite noteworthy.


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