‘All COs, track white car for robbers…hello’…; no response; COs are sleeping

Imagine the quality of policing in other districts of the state when, state capital circle officers, barring of course two COs of Mohanlalganj and Krishnanagar, go to sleep or take rest at their homes hardly 30 minutes past midnight. This was the situation when the IG Zone wanted the COs to keep a watch on robbers coming from Rae Bareli on a white car as per information to commit some big crime.
IG Zone A Satish Ganesh told media persons that on Friday night at 12:30am, SP Rae Bareli informed him that a gang of robbers were coming towards Lucknow in their white-coloured car. They have an intention to commit some big crime in the state capital.  The IG first passed on the message to the rural areas circle officers but was shocked to find that no one received his message. After that, he sent a message on wireless set to the police officials of city areas. This time again no one responded to his message. He then contacted the control room and directed it to trace the locations of the COs. It was found that most of the COs of Lucknow were either sleeping or taking rest at their homes.
The IG said that only CO Mohanlalganj and CO Krishnanagar were available on wireless sets. Irked over such a response, the IG has written a letter to SSP Manzil Saini directing her to seek clarification from the sleeping COs of Lucknow.

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