Amit Shah’s address in Etawah:is BJP again playing ‘Ram Mandir’ card?

Unlike his earlier public addresses this time national BJP chief Amit Shah started his speech with ‘jai jai sriram’ instead of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ or ‘Vande Mataram’, at Sankalp rally in Etawah.
With assembly elections approaching, the public address gave a feel of the BJP playing its old polarisation card of Ram Mandir . Shah recalled the promises made by BJP before elections and keeping them after winning. He said that the first surgical strikes post Independence by the Indian Army was how BJP kept its promise of not letting terrorist and enemy forces from across the border dare to attack Indian soldiers. Shah said and unlike during Sonia-Manmohan Singh regime when Indian soldiers heads were beheaded by enemy forces, who ran away with the heads across the border now the borders are secure.
Amit Shah further claimed that the party had promised to give a corruption free government and in the 2 years regime in Centre even opposition could not accuse the government of corruption even once. “If the people vote Modi’s BJP in UP like they did during Lok Sabha election, I assure that no corruption would take place in UP, too,” claimed Shah. The leader also said that various scheme benefits of Modi government will be accessible to people if BJP comes to power in the state. He also clarified that when SP-BSP are in power in the state and Congress in centre, the 2 were partners in scams worth Rs 12 lac crore thus not letting the public get benefitted of schemes.
Amit Shah stressed that the amount of scam was equal to three years of total budget of UP and added that with that amount three schools in each UP village could have come up, people would have got jobs but that has not been the case.
Shah spoke in sarcasm about Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi that even though he is a big leader, but how a leader who doesn’t know whether potato is grown in a farm land or in a factory, can talk about the welfare of the farmers in the state. He is here only to help SP and BSP come back to power, Shah said.
Amit Shah asked the people to vote for BJP as they did in centre for they have tested and tried enough of other 3 parties.

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