Another banditry case within 48 hours of first one

Within 48 hours of banditry and gangrape in Para another banditry incident took place in Kakori area of Lucknow leaving farmer Dayaram seriously injured. On Tuesday late night in Baajnagar village of Kakori, peasant Rajaram’s family was asleep when 8- 10 robbers entered in the house after scaling boundary wall. Rajaram was sleeping in a room and his son, Dayaram and his wife Laxmi were sleeping in a verandah, whereas Dayaram’s two brothers Sitaram and Siyaram were sleeping in the other verandah. When bandits entered the house Dayaram woke up and tried to raise alarm but the bandits hit on his head with a iron rod leaving him unconscious. In the meantime his wife Laxmi had also woken up and on trying to to oppose she was physically assaulted and was instructed to keep mum and lie down on bed. Scared Laxmi followed their instruction. As the bandits proceeded towards the other verandah Siyaram and Sitaram got up but had to follow instructions of the robbers after seeing their arms.
On hearing the clatter Rajaram got up but bandits bolted his room from outside and was warned not to raise voice. The robbers took away cash, jewellery and other objects from the house. Meanwhile neighbour Nanhake peeped through terrace wall and got the idea of incident, he too was seen by the robbers but somehow managed to inform the villagers about bandits. As the crowd gathered, the dacoits fled away and the police after reaching the spot got Dayaram admitted to hospital. However, another banditry case has been registered with the police.

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