Ashiana murdered cycle shop owner wanted to marry accused wife, police arrest accused wife also

After arresting Amit in Gurpreet murder case, Ashiana police on Saturday also nabbed Amit’s wife Mamta for their involvement in the murder. The police have also recovered hammer used in the murder and the deceased broken mobile phone. According to the police, the murder was the fallout of the Gurpreet’s intention to marry Mamta.
SSP Rajesh Pandey told media persons that Amit was arrested on Friday night in the murder of Gurpreet Singh, a cycle shop owner and a resident of Rajnikhand in Ashiana. Amit had told the police that he had killed Gurpreet at his home itself by hitting him with a hammer on April 30th, the day since when Gurpreet was reported missing by his family members. After this, Amit broke the mobile of Gurpreet. Amit with the help of his wife Mamta packed the body of Gurpreet in a sack and took the body in Gurpreet’s two-wheeler and threw it at Aurangabad sewer line. At a few metres distance from there, he broke Gurpreet’s mobile phone and threw it.
Thereafter, Amit drove Gurpreet’s two-wheeler until Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, left the vehicle there and fled the spot. During interrogation, Amit told police that he met Gurpreet a few years back and became friends with him. They shared a good bond and had family relationship.
In the meantime, Gurpreet began keeping ill-intention on his wife. On April 28, Gurpreet came to Amit’s house and proposed before Mamta to marry her. Enraged over Gurpreet’s behaviour, Mamta informed about this to Amit. Gurpreet again came to Amit’s house on April 30 and again proposed to marry Mamta this time in front of Amit. Both Amit and Mamta objected to Gurpreet’s behaviour, who even threatened to immolate himself if they didn’t agree.
Enraged over this, Amit brought the hammer from his house and hit on Gurpreet’s head. Gurpreet died on the spot. After the revelation, Ashiana police also nabbed Mamta for her involvement in the murder.
Amit donated Rs 12,700 found from Gurpreet’s possession in a gurudwara
During interrogation, Amit told the police that he found cash worth Rs 12,700 from Gurpreet’s pocket. Not willing to keep it with him, Amit donated the said amount in a gurudwara, the police said and added that Amit was fed up with Gurpreet’s behaviour for the past a few months as Gurpreet and Amit used to indulge in disputes time and again.

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