Body of physically-handicap man found hanging from tree in Mohanlalganj

Dead body of a physically-disabled man was found hanging by a plastic rope from a tree in Lucknow’s Mohanlalganj area early Friday. The police say that the man committed suicide due to the ongoing turmoil in his personal life. However, the locals claim that one leg of the man was handicap so it is not possible that he could have climbed the tree and hanged himself.
According to an inspector posted at the Mohanlalganj police station, the deceased, Amarendra Kumar aka Deepu, used to live with his family in the Mohanlalganj area. The 26 year old man was last seen at his house on Thursday night.
His family members also tried to look for him when they realised that he is not in the house and had gone out without telling anyone about it.
Later on Friday morning, some locals of the area spotted Deepu’s body hanging from a mango tree through a plastic rope in an orchard owned by Kamlesh Singh. They immediately informed the members of his family. Mohanlalganj police also reached the spot on receiving the information about the alleged suicide of the physically-disabled man in their area.
The body was brought down from the tree and sent for an autopsy after the police performed its initial investigation, officials said. While giving details about the alleged suicide case, the inspector further said that Deepu was married to a woman named Rohini, who was also physically-disabled, three years ago.
The deceased man was ill and also became an alcohol-addict. His wife had also left him and gone to her parents’ house few days ago. Due to the ongoing turmoil in his personal life and his illness, Deepu committed suicide by hanging himself from the tree, the police official said.
Meanwhile, Deepu’s neighbours claim that his right leg was completely handicap so it is not possible for him to climb the tree and hang himself. They raised suspicions that the 26 year-old man was killed first and later his body hanged to the tree to make it look like a suicide.

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