Can you believe what these Class 9th students do to fulfil gambling addiction…

Alertness and swiftness shown by two police constables helped in nabbing Class 9th students two robbers, who were trying to flee after robbing a betel shopowner of his mobile phone after failing to rob him cash filled bag from him in Thakurganj area of Lucknow late on Friday night. SSP Manzil Saini has announced felicitation certificate to the two constables.
According to Thakurganj police station in charge Samar Bahadur Yadav, Lucky Jaiswal, a resident of Dubagga, has a betel shop in Aminabad. Like everyday, Lucky with his younger brother after closing the shop was going back to his home on a bi-cycle. At Thakurganj’s Sarai Maley Khan locality, two miscreants on a two-wheeler first tried to snatch the bag from Lucky, however, the same was resisted by Lucky. Thereafter, the two miscreants snatched the mobile phone from Lucky and fled.
Both Lucky and his brothers then shouted for help. On hearing the noise, two constables Mahendra and Bhupesh who were on patrol duty began chasing the two miscreants. On seeing the two constables chasing them, the miscreants got scared and lost balance and fell on the ground. The two constables then overpowered the two and nabbed them.
They recovered the robbed mobile from the possession of the two.
On interrogation they revealed their names as Saif, a resident of Thakurganj and Abdullah, a resident of Saadatganj. The two had been to jail earlier from Hazratganj, Gomtinagar and Chowk police station. The two are said to be Class 9th student. The two told the police that they have addiction of gambling and it is to fulfil their addiction that they indulge in chain and purse snatching. Until now, they have been involved in over four dozen chain and purse snatching incidents, the police said.

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