Check out: Who is setting record for face painting in Lucknow and making paper jewellery a craze

Indira Gandhi NSS Award by the President Of India, Annapurna Award by the Child Protection Commission, gold medal for best social worker by JNPG College (KKC) and recognition by the Marvellous Book Of Record- all this and much more goes to Harshit Singh. Real surprise is yet to come-Harshit Singh is a middle class Lucknow lad and is merely 19! The guy who appears to be just a next door graduate is seriously coordinating a group called Innovation For Change (IFC) and is himself a bundle of god gifted talents. Through IFC he hunts for young local talent and helps them to get recognition at higher levels. This July when Harshit was felicitated for 1) 7hours of continuous face painting and tatoo making on 805 individuals 2) First paper jewellery fashion walk, he didn’t remain complacent but motivated other youngsters like Ankita Bajpayee to get recognition too. Ankita is all praise for her senior, “he is amazing and always guides us to get proper platform to showcase our talent!”
‘Post school days all the extra curricular activities come to a hault, that vacuum which I felt in graduation was tried to be filled up through IFC,” quips Harshit. The good intention was recognised early and the group number has gone to 70-80 members now.Harshit works for awareness generation in various fields like AIDS, Plantation& Environment, health, child education and women empowerment through street plays, debate and art programmes. Many schools and colleges of the city invite the boy to enhance the student’s skills and to make them aware on various issues,”we charge our fee for such programmes;” the lad puts it straightforwardly, ” I come from a very humble background and to work for social cause I cannot get money from home every time so this is our way of making money and helping our beneficiaries who are from poor families and whom we groom.” Harshit has been harnessed by: Women Power Line, Child line, Literacy board, Child Protection Commission and has participated in events like Happy Street of NBT, Ganjing carnival, UPSET. IFC is also into making and selling of handicraft items like rakhi, paper jewellery etc.
And where is he heading towards, “I wish that Lucknow becomes a hub of record holders and we are working towards it by hunting and grooming the hidden talents in the lanes of the city of Nawabs. Besides this I want to establish an Activity Centre for all kinds of children, where they can learn and utilise any extra curricular activity they can think of, a big beautiful sky for little children to fly,” he has it all set in his mind.
Harshit Singh is a man of action and the world is recognising him gradually. When nobody is around to appreciate still he is making his moves: getting people admitted to hospital who tried to commit suicide on railway track, informing the police about unclaimed bodies, fighting against corruption, teaching slum children and mobilising other students to participate in social activities and much more- a real hero of of Lucknow!