Dacoity of 1 crore by making whole family…

Dacoity of 1 crore and making a family as hostage by armed miscreants was done who barged into an animal trader’s house and looted it. In the Jaani area of Meerut district, the animal trader Aas Mohammed lives with his family. Reports say that on Monday late night more than a dozen people entered into the house from the terrace by jumping over the wall.
One by one they woke up the family members and by scaring them with arms made them hostage. The family member’s opposition was met with violence. The accused took away around 2.5 kgs of gold ornaments and Rs. 16 lac cash from the house. After the bandits left the place, the family members somehow managed to set themselves free and informed the police. The forensic team and police is investigating the matter after registering the banditry case.

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