Decayed body of a missing elderly woman found in backyard of her house

The dead body of a widow woman, who was missing since Monday, was found in a store room in the backyard of her house in Lucknow’s Mohanlalganj area on Wednesday. Police said that the body was found in a decomposed state after the neighbours complained of a foul smell emanating from the room.

Officials suspect that the 53 year-old widow was strangled to death in greed of acquiring her property. According to the information provided by Inspector Rampal Yadav appointed at the Mohanlalganj police station, the woman, whose name was Pramila, used to live alone in the house after the death of her husband Bhola in Dhanvara village.

Pramila went missing on Monday. Her neighbours got worried by her sudden disappearance tried to look for her in the area, but couldn’t find her. Later on Wednesday morning, the neighbours sensed a foul smell emanating from a room in the backyard of Pramila’s house.

One of them immediately called the police control room and officials from the Mohanlaganj police station arrived at the spot. The policemen barged into the room from where the smell was coming and found a decaying body of a woman hidden beneath a stack of hay, which was stored inside the room.

The body was identified as that of Pramila and initial investigations reveal that it was lying in the room from the last two days, officials said. They added that it was also found that the woman was strangled to death. Later, Pramila’s neighbours expressed their suspicion to the police that her murder could have been carried out in greed of acquiring her property.

The decomposed body has been sent for post-mortem and the police have registered a case of murder against unknown men, Inspector Yadav said. He added that investigations in the case have been launched and it is suspected that some of Pramila’s relative or closed one could be involved in her murder.


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