Delhi police nabs inter-state kidney trader from Kolkata

Delhi police arrested the main accused, T Rajkumar Rao of Delhi kidney racket which spanned across six cities in four states on Tuesday from Kolkata. 39-year old Rao is the mastermind of this racket which is busted last week by the Delhi police. The Delhi Police also arrested three donors, including two women, on Tuesday making a major headway in the illegal kidney trade case. According to police sources, he had travelled across four states in the last seven days to evade arrest.

Rao reportedly told police he was inducted into illegal organ trade in Chennai eight years ago, by a woman and her associate, who was a doctor. He had worked as a middleman for the duo, but the racket was busted and the doctor arrested, said sources. Rao had shifted to Delhi and started running his own illegal organ racket. – Indianexpress Reported.

Meanwhile, the hospital in Delhi where Rao involved in his illegal racket comprises an inquiry to probe the alleged kidney racket that was busted last week. The committee comprises senior doctors working at the hospital, independent doctors as well as a government doctor. The hospital has invited eminent jurist, Justice Mukul Mudgal, former Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court to head the committee.

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