Do you know how they became rich by Rs 2 million in just three years

Make sure your or your kin’s inopperative account doesn’t have money left in it even by mistake. You will end up losing the money. And this is not any circular from a bank or an RBI directive.
Special Task Force (STF) sleuths nabbed a bank clerk along with his associate for transferring money from inoperative accounts to their own account. Both have been siphoning off the money from the inoperative accounts for the past three years. In all they managed to transfer around Rs 18 lakh in their account.
The bank clerk has been identified as Goldi Shreshtha and is currently posted at Bank of Baroda, Hewett Road while his associate was identified as Abhishek Singh, a resident of Hasanganj police station area.
Interestingly, the STP sleuths came across the two during the investigation of a case of fraud registered at Kaiserbagh police station area. During the course of investigation, STF sleuths got the information that Goldi had illegally transferred Rs 14 lakh from the inopperative account of Late Mahesh Singh to his associate’s bank account.
After gathering evidences, the STF sleuth swung into action and nabbed the two.
During the course of grilling, Goldi told the police that he got the bank clerk’s job on compaasionate ground after his father died as senior manager in 1994. He also told the police that first he managed to take out the list of inopperative accounts and thereafter he first transferred Rs 14 lakh into his friend Shalesh’s HDFC account.
According to STF official Abhinav Pundhir, there are possibility of more people involved in the racket.