Wrinkle-free only at penny expense and soyah saag can do much more

The soyah saag is lot more than just a soyah-methi ki sabzi. Soyah (Dill weed herb, Botanical name: Anethem gaveolens)  is a rich source of vitamins B,C & A along with calcium and iron and other elements.

But do you also know:

  • It helps in controlling blood cholestrol levels, keeps skin healthy ad assists good vision (due to vitamin A content).
  • The sprigs of dill have anti-septic and digestive properties along with its carminative effect.
  • Since soyah has anti-ageing characters, you can mix 2 drops of Dill seed oil with your regular skin care cream and keep your skin wrinkle free.
  • Dill seed oil helps in increasing breast milk secretion in nursing mothers and to relieve neurological symptoms like headaches and anxiety.
  • The oil soothes oral inflammation of throat and mouth.
  • Dill seed oil is used to regulate the menstrual cycle and prevent early ovulation by acting as a natural contraceptive.
  • If you are insomnia tic, just placing cold to warm bags immersed in water with Dill seeds allowed to soak for few minutes, on closed eyelids will help you in experiencing a calming effect.
  • For peaceful sleep throughout the night, you can also add 2 drops of Dill oil every night in a burner, diffuser, or vaporizer.
  • Soyah acts as a flavouring agent in different recipes; viz instead of coriander you can use fresh dill sprigs to chutney and get a fresh new flavour in it.
  • You can also replace dill sprigs for coriander leaves in matar ki poodi or paranthas and get entirely a new taste.

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