Do you know what happened to bi-cycles and cycle policing?

At a time when criminals are becoming fast and using the latest technology for their benefits, Lucknow police introduced “cycle policing” as new ‘technique’ to patrol the city roads. Like many previous district police chiefs, the concept was also the brain child of the then SSP Lucknow Yashashvi Yadav. Interestingly, like on many previous occasions, after the ouster of the SSP, the concept too came to a halt.

Known for his proximity with the top leadership in the Samajwadi Party government, Yadav was quick enough to get sanction for around 60 bi-cycles for the purpose in the first phase. Interestingly, these bi-cycles, which also included over a dozen from sports category, are now biting dust at police lines.

Even though it is hard to decode only politics behind the move, coincidently, besides being an environment-friendly commuting mode, the bi-cycle also happens to be the election symbol of the Samajwadi Party government. Leaving politics behind, the idea mooted by Yadav was that the cycle policing would be handy in city especially in Old City area, where narrow lanes and by-lanes are a common site.

Since, cycle can be easily pedalled even in the narrow lanes, the idea initially was welcomed with an open heart. Police officials were seen posing with cycles on duty. However, before anyone could sit and analyse the success of cycle policing, the then SSP was removed. And like on several occasions in the past, the concept also made an exit with his removal as SSP, Lucknow.

Since then, these cycles have been lying in Police Lines in the state capital. Interestingly, no one knows the fate of the cycles. And no one it seems is bothered even.

At a time when criminals are using speed bikes and cars, what would have been the use of cycle policing, former DGP MC Dwivedi told TosNews.

What is surprising is the fact that this is not the first time when a district police chief had come up with some innovative idea. Even earlier, several SSPs have come up with some or the other ideas. However, shelf life of all such ideas have been limited only until the officer concerned remained the SSP.

DIG Rajeev Krishna began a contact programme with the senior citizens in a bid to ensure their safety and security if they were alone. However, the same lost priority after Krishna got promoted as IG. Similarly, DIG Ashutosh Pandey launched a blackberry complaint redressal system. Besides, he also launched whistle policing etc. However, all these schemes went into oblivion after Pandey was shifted after promotion.

With police-public trust deficit increasing day by day, short life of such schemes has only added to the deficit further.



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