Do you know who called Sachin Tendulkar ‘Chhota Babu’?

Your wait for the third set of 10 facts about legendary Sachin Tendulkar is over. TosNews brings to 10 more facts about the Master Blaster which you might not know.
1: Sachin calls Sourav Ganguly `Babu Moshai` while Ganguly calls him `Chhota Babu`. 
2: After watching Deewar and Zanjeer, he became a fan of Amitabh Bachchan
3: Played tennis-ball cricket and darts during rainbreaks
4: Sachin sang and whistled with Vinod Kambli during their 664-run record stand in the Harris Shield in 1988 to avoid eye contact with the coach’s assistant, who wanted to declare while the duo wanted to bat on.
5: Was a bully at school but was kind to cats and dogs. His first captain, Sunil Harshe, said that he loved to pick a fight. Every time he was introduced to someone, his first reaction was, ‘Will I be able to beat him?’
6: Used to go fishing for tadpoles and guppy fishes in the stream that ran through the compound of Sahitya Sahwas, his apartment in Bandra East.
7: Loves sea food. Owned a restaurant.
8: Once made his mother look for a frog bhaji recipe.
9: The nanny who looked after him is now universally called Sachuchi bai
10: An incorrigible prankster, he once put a hose pipe in Sourav Ganguly’s room and turned on the tap. Ganguly awoke to find his gear floating. 


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