Double murder in Meerut brings angry people on streets

The double murder case of Meerut has brought the angry  people on streets, who have placed the bodies of victims in the town and are demanding for arrest of accused. Seeing the sensitivity of the matter, PAC personal and police force has been deployed the area. Till the time of filing the story, villagers were still on agitation.

Thursday morning, in Meerut a couple was murdered for not paying the extortion amount. One of the miscreant told his name and reason of killing openly before running away. He screamed that he was Monu Jat and that they had killed the couple because they didn’t give them the money they had asked for. The incident took place in Suraan area of Rohta town, Meerut. The police has told media persons that 60year old Sheeshpal who lived in Suraan with his family had gone to get fodder with his wife Santosh to the nearby fields. The miscreants were lying there in ambush. The moment Sheeshpal and his wife reached to the fields, they started shooting at them. Hearing the sounds of bullets, nearby people ran to help the victims but the accused after revealing their identity and reason of committed crime escaped.

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