Drive safe without using smartphone and have free coffee

Toyota Motor Corp, KDDI Corp and Komeda Co Ltd in Japan made a unique effort to reduce the number of car accidents caused by smartphones in Aichi Prefecture, Japan..This is the first time in Japan that an automaker, telecom company and restaurant-chain operator collaborate for such a purpose.The effort is for the Autumn Traffic Safety Week (Sept 21 to 30, 2016). First, Driving Barista, a special application, is downloaded to a smartphone. The application uses a gyroscope to measure the tilt angle of the phone and a GPS to measure a distance travelled.

If the smartphone with the activated application is placed with its surface down in a car, a distance travelled is recorded by the smartphone. When the distance reaches 100kms (200kms for the second time or later), a coupon is issued for a free cup of coffee, and it can be used at a coffee shop of Komeda.


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