Drone captures bricks and stones on roofs of 33 houses in Old City ahead of Ramzan procession

Drone camera used for the survey of the 19th and 21st procession route on the occasion of Ramzan captured 33 houses with bricks and stones. Interestingly, of the total, at least 8 houses each were in Chowk area and Bazarkhala area and 17 houses in Saadatganj area were found having bricks and stones on their roofs.

SP (west) Sarvesh Kumar Misra said that drone camera was used to keep a watch on the procession route. The inspection through the camera was done on Victoria Street, Bazarkhala and Saadatganj area.

Inspector Chowk IP Singh said that out of the 8 houses, six houses have removed stones and bricks from their roofs while at rest others places notices would be served to house owners.

All preparation s have been made with regards to safety and security of the citizens.

Soon, old city would be divided into sector and zones. Interestingly, SSP Manzil Saini, knowing well the sensitivity of the situation has taken several rounds of Old City area. Saini is regularly meeting prominent people from Old City areas.

On Thursday, Police force took out flag march on motorcycle at Chowk Stadium. SP (west) also told TosNews that drone cameras would be pressed into service during procession as part of security measure.


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