Eating mud for 17 years this man is fit and fine

Most of the kids have the bad habit of eating mud and sand for which they often get scolding from their parents, but what do you say for a man from Haridwar, Rameshwar, who is eating mud, sand & stones for 17 years. He is fit and fine. Even what’s surprising news is that, he started eating mud to cure his disease he had 17 years ago. According to the reports, when he had a serious disease in which blood oozes out from his mouth. He was diagnosed by many doctors but none of the doctors cured him, then he began eating mud and sand. Surprisingly, his disease got cured gradually.

However, many people denied him to leave this bizarre habit, but he claims that he has no health issue and completely fit because of this habit. This unusual habit has made him quite popular in the city.

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