EXCLUSIVE: Lured into African mango seed trade, businessman duped of Rs 85 lakh in Lucknow

An old age businessman was duped of Rs 85 lakh in the name of getting help to establish business of African mango seed in Lucknow. Interestingly, the fraudsters even sent two packets of seed claiming it to be African mango seed. However, on further investigation, the businessman found that it was just a simple mango seed available everywhere.
The name of the businessman was deliberately kept secret on his request. The fraudsters told the businessman about the benefits of African mango seeds and how it is useful for even diabetic patients. The told him that the price of African mango seed in the market was around Rs 5 lakh per kilogram.
The businessman was shown dream of earning a huge profit by doing the business of African mango seed. After coming to know that he had been duped of the money, he knocked on the door of SSP Manzil Saini, who gauging the seriousness of the incident directed the Aliganj police to register a case and asked Cyber Crime Cell to investigate the case.
According to the businessman, a resident of Kapoorthala Crossing area, one day a woman called up on his phone and told him about African mango seed. After hesitating initially, the businessman got convinced began planning to start a new business.
The fraudsters then gave the businessman an account number and asked him to deposit money to start the business. Gradually, the businessman deposited Rs 85 lakh into the fraudsters’ account number.
Meanwhile, the fraudsters even sent two packets of mango seeds claiming it to be African mango seed. However, when he came to know that the seeds were normal mango seeds, the businessman understood he had been duped. In the meantime, the fraudsters told the businessman that his parcel was stuck at Customs at Delhi Airport.
However, the businessman sensing foul play began demanding his money back. However, the fraudsters kept on giving him some or the other excuse. Fed up, the businessman approached the SSP, who has now ordered investigation into the matter.
SO Aliganj Kamlapati Yadav said that a case of fraud against unidentified persons have been lodged at Aliganj police station. He said that the details of the fraudsters being taken out through the bank account.
Found in central and western Africa, African mangoes are also called a wild mango or bush mango. Visibly normal, the African mango is also used like normal mango. However, some research in the later stages have found that consumption of African mango helps in losing weight and controlling diabetes following which the business of African mango seed began. It began selling in the market in the form of power, tablet and capsules. The benefits of African mango seed resulted in its prices spiralling in the market. At the moment, its use in India is very limited, however, it is common in foreign countries. Supplements made of African mango seeds are mainly available online and they are priced between the range of $60 and $100 per gram.

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