Exit poll: BJP government in Assam, DMK winning in Tamil Nadu, thumps down to Congress

All exit polls predicted a BJP win in Assam, giving the saffron party it’s first government in a north-east state, and a certain second term for the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. Congress misfortune ever since 2014 Lok Sabha seems continuing, the exit poll stated.
In the four exit poll, the BJP had a clear majority in three and the TMC in all.
In Tamil Nadu, DMK seems to be uprooting Chief Minister Jayalalitha led AIADMK and forming the government in the state. The India Today-Axis polls gave an upper hand to the DMK with 125 to 140 seats. AIADMK was trailing with 84 to 101 seats.
In Kerala, the two exit polls, India Today-Axis and India TV C Voter, the CPM-led LDF is set for a big win with a range of 88-101 seats and 74-82 seats, respectively. The magic figure in Kerala is 71 seats.
In Assam, BJP cleared the half-way mark in polls released by ABP-Nielsen, News X-Chanakya and India Today-Axis with 81 seats, 90 seats and a range of 79 to 93 seats respectively, the Indian Express reported. India TV-C Voter gave the party 57 seats. The half-way mark in the state assembly is 64.
The TMC is expected to retain power in West Bengal as the ABP-Nielsen, News X-Chanakya, India TV-C Voter and India Today-Axis gave 178 seats, 210 seats, 167 seats respectively and a range of 233 to 253 seats for the TMC.

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