Fed up with parents’ getting suspicious about her, class IX girl commits suicide

Fed up with parents unwarranted suspicion on her, a girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of the roof in Para area of Lucknow. The police have also found a suicide note assumed to have been written by the girl before taking the extreme step. In the suicide note, the girl has claimed that the suspicion by her parents was wrong and fed up with their behaviour she is committing suicide.
According to station officer Para Ashok Yadav, Kallu resides at Jalalapur in Para. He is an employee at a paint factory. Last Saturday, his wife fell ill and was admitted to Rani Laxmi Bai Hospital. On Wednesday night, Kallu asked her 15-year-old daughter Shalini to stay with her mother in hospital as attendant. Shalini however refused to do so. Annoyed with Shalini’s behaviour, Kallu reprimanded Shalini and left for the hospital.
Next day morning, Kallu came back from hospital and left for the factory. At home, Shalini and her two younger brothers were present. In the meantime, Shalini hanged herself from the hook of the ceiling. On spotting their sister hanging from the hook, the two brothers shouted for help. Following which neighbours rushed to Kallu’s house. On receiving the information, Kallu also came back home from the factory. The police also reached the spot and recovered a suicide note. In the suicide note, she has mentioned that her parents unnecessarily have doubt on her despite there is no such issue in her personal life. Now her father should always live in doubt.
The police sent Shalini’s body for post-mortem examination and took the suicide note in its custody. Shalini was a class IX student in Talkatora area.

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