Gudamba teen rape case: One accused arrested, other four still at large

More than 36 hours have passed and the Gudamba police is still trying to trace down the men who are accused of being involved in the kidnapping and rape of a 15 year-old girl in the area.
In the incident that happened late Saturday, the teenage girl was abducted by three men from her house and after being dragged into a nearby field was raped by one of the accused.
The girl’s family members have accused five men of the area, whose names are Shafiq, Saddam, Ali Akbar, Salman and Tinu, of being involved in her abduction and rape. The men are also accused of thrashing the girl brutally during the incident.
According to the victim, Shafiq had raped her, while the other four accused were involved in her kidnapping and physical assault, police said. One of the accused, Salman, was arrested on Sunday evening and the police are trying to trace down the other four, CO Ghazipur Dinesh Puri on Monday said.
He added that from the victim’s medical report it could not surely ascertained that she was raped. The CO further said that the police team investigating the case will consult experts on the issue.

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