Harlequin Baby: Infant with severe genetic disorder born in Nagpur

A female infant with bizarre genetic disorder and without any skin was born in Nagpur on Saturday. The baby born to a farmer’s family at a city hospital.

According to doctors, it’s a very rare genetic disorder that child became exposed to.

“It’s the first ‘Harlequin Baby’ in India. The infant is born blind and the chances of her survival are uncertain,” said paediatrician Dr Yash A. Banait, who was involved in the rare delivery along with obstetrician-gynaecologist Dr Prachi Dixit. – The New Indianexpress reported.

The hard surface covering her body has cracks and she weighed 1.2 kg at birth. She has no ears, is completely blind though she has two bright red bulges in place of eyes, has just two small holes for a nose and an inverted eye lid. The baby would require proper moistness throughout her life as she has cracks in her body.

However, In India, treatment of such disease is still limited as per medical experts.

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