He is heaviest at 192 kgs

This Indonesian boy eats five meals a day consisting of of rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup and a traditional soy patty which alone is enough to feed two adults. His parents are putting him on a crash diet because he’s so overweight they can’t find clothes to fit him and is limited to wearing just a sarong.

Meet Arya Permana who is just 10-year-old is considered to be the ‘world’s fattest boy’. Hailing from Indonesia’s West Java province, Arya weighs 192 kg. He cannot physically walk unaided or go to school. So he he can no longer walk and his mother Rokayah said he is ‘perpetually hungry’.

According to Arya’s mother, ‘He is always tired and complains of shortness of breath. He only eats and sleeps and when he is not done with both, he jumps into the bathtub and stays there for hours.’ He sleeps with his head leaned against a wall so that he is able to breathe easily but the posture has given him a permanent bruised forehead.

Arya, the second son of Rokayah, 35, and her husband Ade Somantri, 45, a farmer, was born at home via natural birth and weighed a normal 3.2kilograms. But by the time he turned two years old, Arya had gained weight at an abnormal rate for his age.

Rokayah and Ade took Arya to several doctors in their village in Cipurwasari in West Java, Indonesia, but surprisingly, doctors declared him healthy did not find anything abnormal about his alarming weight.

However, Arya’s parents have decided to limit the amount the ten-year-old eats per day and he is now on a diet of just brown rice.

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