Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech

In his third address to the nation from the podium at Red Fort as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on Monday highlighted the idea of ‘good governance’, while stressing special emphasis on the role ‘unity’ plays in a ‘overall growth’ of a nation.

“Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat,” PM Modi said in his enthralling speech, while reiterating that the country under his leadership would not tolerate any kind of violence and social discrimination. “A nation which is divided because of reasons like caste and religion cannot achieve great things,” he added.

Among other important things which Modi said from the ramparts of Red Fort during his 90 minutes speech are as follows:

  • On this 70th festival of freedom, we have a new resolve, a new resolution, a new enthusiasm, a new vitality to take country to new and greater heights. Our freedom reminds us of the sacrifice of our freedom fighters and their devotion to the cause of freedom through struggle and sacrifice. On this occasion, we remember those young people who went willingly to gallows. We are breathing today in free India, thanks to Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Pandit Nehru and many other great leaders and people who struggled and worked consistently towards freedom of the country.
  • It was the motivation of the sacrifice of armed revolutionaries which led to Swaraj. But now, to change the self governance into good governance is the resolve of 125 crore citizens. If the Swaraj was achieved through sacrifice, attainment of Suraj (good governance ) is also not possible without sacrifice, valor, dedication and discipline.
  • So to further the Good-Governance resolve of 125 crore people, all have to move ahead with their respective responsibilities and dedication. In order to attain Good Governance, everyone has to fulfill its responsibilities, be it a Panchayat or Parliament, be it a Gram Pradhan or a Prime Minister, to strengthen every democratic institution. Only then, India will not take too much time in realizing the dream of Good-Governance. My beloved countrymen, today when I speak of good governance, my straight forward meaning is – to make a difference in the life of the common man.
  • Today the world is moving in an era of global economy. Every nation is inter-connected and inter-dependent. The entire world is connected through economic issues in some way or the other. However, much we progress, we have to keep in mind the global economy, and global arena and we have to successfully meet the global standards and match them. Then we will be relevant, then we will be able to contribute and a time will come when we will be able to lead the global economy. Therefore, we will have to be ready at all times and align ourselves with global standards. You would have seen that in recent time, World Bank, IMF, World Economic Forum, Credit Rating Agencies and all such agencies of the world have praised India’s progress.
  • In our country the discussion on violence and non-violence is very natural. Humanism is ingrained in our veins. We are the people of a great cultural heritage. This country is full of diversity. This bouquet of Mother India is blessed with different fragrances, different colours and different dreams. Brothers and Sisters, unity in diversity is our greatest strength. The mantra of unity is linked to our roots. We have always followed this great tradition and therefore there is no place for violence and oppression in our country. If we have to strengthen India’s Democracy and to fulfill its dreams, the path of violence can never succeed.


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