I’ m sorry for I was practically brutal and criminal!

In the quest of being cool, a hipster and having the tag ‘popular’ with my name, I did something really low, to say the least.
Back in class 8th, the phase where a kid just begins to slide into the bracket of youth, owing to the fetish of being popular among one’s peers, I got into this really bad habit of bullying the weaker kids. There was a rush to become known as a cool and happening figure among my classmates and following that road, everyone, including me did some stupid things.

Most of the Hollywood movies, TV serials and even our seniors have showed us that a bully is always a popular and cool guy to be around. Just following the trend, I tried something similar. There was this guy(won’t take the name, I’ve already messed up his life enough) who was a bit slower than others in all fields. He became my target. Week in week out, he became my victim. From doing all of my work to performing stupid things, I made him work it all. Heck, I even casually started the trend to bash him for fun sakes(not a serious bashing).

As I was a bit influential and known, people began to follow suit and he became everyone’s dart. For example, If some girls are with me, just to prove my hollow masculinity, he would get a bashing from me and he would not dare to fight back because of my previous threats. All this crap to impress just a bunch of girls. Life was pretty cool in school but what I didn’t realise that I had just started to mess up his life real bad. For example, we used to bash him up or even ridicule him in front of his crush every time. She would laugh with me but the poor guy would cry his eyes out at home. Everyone started treating him the same.

Things crossed the line when we started to put his name for the things we did and get him punished. Even suspended once or twice. The guy was gradually losing his confidence, his self belief, his esteem and it was all just a matter of fun for us.  From being a topper, he lost his touch and could barely pass his exams. Back then, How could this be just fun for us?
We were practically criminals. The guy could never pick up and we turned a happy go lucky guy into an introvert. Now he has a real problem in even interacting with people and he practically trusts nobody. He’s known as a fool everywhere. From our circle, to our friends in other schools, to whom we used to tell our so called ‘gallant bullying stories.’

He avoids going out too. Always locked in room, thinking of going back in time and changing his school.
We snatched his courage, his pride, his self esteem. Damn it we even ruined his career. All for some stupid FUN.
My massive ego doesn’t allow me to go down and apologise to him for all the things I’ve done. But thinking about how have I ruined someone’s life, gives me some sleepless nights till date.
I wish him all the best and hope he recovers from this and goes on to do something great in life so that people acknowledge him. It won’t heal the bruises completely, but it will surely give him the strength to fight it.
All the best, brother.
And, since this anonymous, I am really sorry.



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