It was my cowardice that I was scared of raising voice

Dear Stranger,

That evening when I was enjoying a cool ride with my hubby and we passed through the posh but silent road of Lucknow, we saw you but you hadn’t seen us. You were around 5 mts away, folding your hands in front of 3-4 men who had targeted gun point on your forehead. You were begging for life and yelling for help. I froze down with fear and pestered my husband to run away from the spot. My husband scolded me and asked me to be a good citizen.  You somehow managed to run away inside the boundary of a colony, the guys chased you. My husband informed the cops and we kept drifting around in the vicinity until the police came, which took around 5-7 minutes. I want to confess my cowardice. I want to apologise from my heart, for being scared, for trying to ignore your shrieks and for not caring for another human being. I am really sorry!

Sheeba Zaidi



Kiss of a smile

It was a chilly January morning and I was breathing. It was
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