Inside transgender’s house……

A transgender Rubina died in her own house when after robbery the house was set on fire by the robbers. In Shivnagar Khadra area of Hassanganj, few miscreants looted money, jewellery and a scooty and then set the house on fire, Rubina was trapped in fire and was found burnt and dead. SPTG Jaiprakash Yadav told the media persons that the 40 year old transgender Rubina lived alone in the house and was basically from Maulviganj area of Lucknow where her whole family lives. On late Sunday night fume was seen coming from Rubina’s house while the house was bolted from inside. The people broke the door but nothing could be seen due to fire everywhere. The neighbours immediately informed the police and fire brigade also reached the place with police. Somehow the fire men got control over the fire and after that the police barged in only to find Rubina’s burnt body on the bed.
Hassanganj police informed Rubina’s brother Ibrahim living in Maulviganj and the family reached to Khadra. The fire had burnt everything inside the house, while the body was sent for postmortem, the finger print and forensic team also reached the place for investigation. The other transgender friends told the police about the missing objects of the house.
Whereas Hassanganj claims Rubina’s death as an accident, her transgender companions call it a murder and loot case. They even gathered outside the mortuary to file murder report of the case and also staged a protest on road. Chowk police arrived at the protest location and spoke to Hassanganj police about the demands of transgenders. The people ceased the protest only after assurance of murder and robbery FIR against unknown person. For now the police is awaiting the post mortem report and checking the call details of Rubina’s phone.

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