Inspired by watching TV serial, coaching employee orchestrated his own kidnapping, arrested

The popular television serial CID’s episode inspired a coaching employee to fabricate his own kidnapping and put the blame on coaching owner in Hazratganj police station area. Report of a coaching staff Abhishek Tiwari being kidnapped had resulted in tension to police officials in Hasanganj area. A cyber team along with Hazratganj police gauging the seriousness of the crime began investigating into the kidnapping case. ‘Kidnapped’ Abhishek Tiwari’s wife had accused the coaching owner of kidnapping her husband.
However, during course of investigation, Tiwari’s wife proposed to withdraw the kidnapping case.
The police with the help of surveillance came to know that Tiwari was in Rae Bareli. On Thursday, he was arrested by the police. After his arrest, Abhishek informed the police that he had concocted the kidnapping drama to trap coaching owner and then extort money. According to SP (east) Shivram Yadav, Khadra resident Abhishek was working with a CA coaching on Newal Keshore Road. Coaching’s owner a few days back accused Abhishek of stealing the data. The owner even recovered the stolen data from Abhishek’s wife.
Abhishek then decided to falsely implicate the coaching owner and all of sudden vanished from his house. His wife lodged an FIR with the police and blamed coaching owner for the kidnapping of her husband.
Abhishek told the police that he wanted to trap the coaching owner after which he had planned to extort money from the owner.
According to the police, Abhishek’s wife knew about his plan. Hence the police has decided to book her.