Interesting statistics of coalition in U.P assembly

In the coming assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh various political parties are looking forward to alliance. The alliance in U.P is primarily with the aim not to let BJP overtake the state. However for few parties alliance is the only option left for survival.
The principle parties in the grand coalition are Samajwadi Party, Congress and Rashtriya Lok Dal whereas there are huge assumptions of Lalu, Nitish Kumar, Devi Gowda and Ajit Choutala also joining the coalition.
Apart from uniting against BJP there are several other causes also behind coalition. The parties are well aware that in the 2019 parliamentary elections if again BJP comes to power, the existence of other political parties will be in danger and hence the coalition is a preparation for 2019 national elections. The first picture of this coalition came forth in Bihar assembly, where Nitish, Lalu and Congress fought the elections together and snatched the power from BJP. In Bihar coalition earlier Samajwadi Party was also a part which later parted ways. Nitish Kumar had well assessed before Bihar elections that if alliance with Lalu and Congress is not made, victory of BJP was inevitable.
Scenario of Uttar Pradesh is somewhat similar to that of Bihar. SP supremo and a great political mind Mulayam Singh Yadav and the state SP chief Shivpal are well aware that if alliance is not done in U.P, the Samajwadi Party will be the one to face major damage. With the same reason on the occasion of silver jubilee celebration of SP on November 5, effort towards grand alliance was initiated.
Meeting of Congress policy maker PK with Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh Yadav also indicates affirmative attitude of Congress party towards alliance with Samajwadi Party. If a grand alliance is formed in UP assembly election, it could be a big challenge for BJP 2019 parliamentary elections.
However for now there is no clear picture of coalition in the state but the political experts are of the opinion that if any grand alliance is formed in U.P, smaller parties will also merge with it. The parties which are high on the list are: Peace Party, Kaumi Ekta Dal, Etihaadat-e-Millat Council etc. The smaller parties are apprehensive that post grand alliance their entity will be completely ignored
Picture of Assebly election year 2012
Samajwadi Party -224
Bahujan Samaj Party-80
Rashtriya Lok Dal-9
Peace Party-4
Etihaadat-e-Millat Council-1
Rashtrawadi Congress Party-1
Kaumi Ekta Dal-2
Apna Dal-1

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