Is SP vehicle lifter doing a ‘Pathankot’ in India?

The official Sumo of SP Hardoi, lifted from Shalimar Imperial Apartment, Hazratganh has been seen in the CCTV camera at Barabanki Toll Plaza ln Thursday night. The view of driver in the footage is not clear, the police is checking all the CCTV cameras between Lucknow and Barabanki. Since the Pathankot terrorist attack incident had taken place after lifting of the SP vehicle therefore the DGP is taking help of UP STF and ATS team also.
Inspector Hazratganj Rajkumar told that on Saturday theft report has been filed in the name of unknown persons. Alongwith checking of all the CCTV camera footage between Joppling Road to Barabanki Toll Plaza, police is also enquiring the guard of the apartment.
In is worth mentioning here that SP Hardoi, Rajiv Malhotra had reached his flat at Joppling Road on official Sumo and his vehicle incidentally showed some problem. Owing to the vehicle technical problem, the driver parked it at the parking lot.
On Friday morning when the driver reached to the parking place with a mechanic, the vehicle was found missing.
The matter was reported immediately to Hazratganj police station.

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