ITBP corps gets SUV to guard Indo-China border and for quick movements at high altitudes

Ministry of Defence deployed 4 expensive SUVs for ITBP troops to protect Indo-China border for the first time. Four white-coloured Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), two Toyota Fortuner and two Ford Endeavour, each costs around Rs 25 lakh, have been deployed by ITBP force at over 13,000 feet above the sea level at Burtse and Dungti in the Ladakh sector and Menchuka, over 6,000 feet, in Arunachal Pradesh.

ITBP Director General Krishna Chaudhary said while the force has several types of four-wheelers, including those with 4×4 drive facility for high-altitude driving at its border
locations, SUV platforms, which are powered by diesel-run heavy-duty engines were required for quick movement in these mountainous areas.- The force, before deploying these SUVs at border posts, trained a special batch of drivers at the ITBP training centre in Chandigarh, after which they were driven uphill, to their places of deployment.-The Times Of India Reported.

A senior official said that the interiors of the SUVs have been tweaked to fix radio communication sets and to seat 6-7 troops with their firearms. The force is tasked with guarding the 3,488 km Sino-India border.

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